I swear there is a baby boom going on in Austin right now!  Everywhere I look I see pregnant mommas and brand new little babies!  My March and April calendars are packed with birth and newborn sessions….I’m in heaven.

This little guy was soooo good for his session today.  I love hearing how little ones come in to the world and this one gave his family a run for their money.  He made his grand appearance only 17 minutes after getting to the hospital!  Crazy huh?!  He just looks so sweet and innocent….

his mom and i had a conversation about our mutual love of teeny, tiny, curly toed, flakey little feet….

he loved being outside too…and I’m so happy things are turning green again!

Congrats again you guys, hope you like your sneak peek!  I’ll be in touch with much more very soon =)

Lyndsay Stradtner | www.lifeinmotionphotography.com