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I’ve been so blessed since moving to Austin in getting to know so many other wonderful photographers.  I first met Sara through Michele and we all try and go out for a girls night out every few months.  It’s awesome to have people I can talk shop with, run things by and just go out and have a great time.  I cherish their friendship and they definitely help keep me sane!  Sara and I are swapping sessions this year so both of our families can have photos in time for Christmas, photogs need pics with us in them too!!  Rumor has it that it’s been ::: cough cough:::  2 years!!  :::cough cough::: since they had a family photo taken with all four of them in it.  That is not ok!! So this morning I met up with them in Round Rock and the family photo problem has been remedied!


Many more coming Sara!!  As for her two little cuties….well….I’ll give you two hints, one is a complete ham and one is filled with mischief.  Wonna take a guess as to which is which?  😉


hehe!  Next weekend Sara will take our family photos and I’m so excited.  I even bought a dress.  (((Stop laughing Mom!)))  She’s laughing because I haven’t worn a dress since Jase and I got married almost 5 years ago.  But when you chase kids at home and at work, a dress doesn’t make much sense.  I pretty much live in yoga pants or jeans and t-shirts so I am looking forward to being a girl again for a little while next weekend!  See you soon Sara, I hope you like your peek!

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Win A Mini Session & The Little Monsters Bash ’09 Slideshow! | Austin Photographer


I know there are quite a few people waiting on this and I’m so excited to come share it.  This event started last year, with 10 families who helped MC and I raise some money for Team in Training.  This year, we went bigger, way bigger, and invited not 10, but 50 families (over 60 kids!!!) to the event to benefit MD Anderson hospital in the name of Jon Urban.  60 kids in 3 hours….that means 20 kids per hour and approximately only 3 minutes with each child!!  How crazy is that?!  Crazy and fun.  Anyway, Jon and MC have faced a lot this year, tackling cancer head on (you can read a little more about that here).  We couldn’t think of a better cause than to raise funds for the very hospital that helped to save Jon’s life.  I want to take a moment to thank all those who participated and donated this year, we couldn’t have done it without you and your support!  We raised over $1,700 in just a few hours on a Saturday morning!  Isn’t that just awesome!  I can’t even tell you how much fun we had too…..all the cuties in costume were just too much!  I’ve posted quite a few sneak peeks over the past week but I happen to know there has been quite a bit of blog stalking going on looking for even more…’s finally time!!!


Fun stuff!!  Everyone’s images will be mailed out over the course of the weekend, thanks for your patience!


But we’re not done yet.

We’re hoping to raise even more.  So here is the deal…..

I’m putting up a mini session.  Let’s do a raffle!  Here is the deal……

Each person who donates $10 to our cause, you will be entered to win a free mini session with me.  Donate $20, you will be entered twice.  Donate $50 and you have 5 chances to win.  So on and so on.  The winner will be chosen at random on Tuesday, October 20th.  The mini session will occur in January of 2010 at a mutually convenient date and time.  Session will occur in or around the Austin area at a location chosen by me.  The mini session will consist of a consultation prior to our session together, 30 minutes of photography time, 5 full resolution images presented in color and black and white with a print release and a 5×7 print of each image.  You do not have to live in or around Austin to enter, but you must be willing to travel to the area should you win the mini session raffle.  You can also gift the mini session to someone else if you choose to do so.  This would be a great gift to give for Christmas, and because it falls in January, it would be a great time to capture a few fun images in time for Valentines Day!  Please email me for a complete list of rules and restrictions on mini sessions.

Edited:  Please contact me at [email protected] if you would like to make a donation.

**A quick note about next years fundraiser – we’re going even bigger!  It will be on location and it will benefit a very worthy close that hit close to home with us this year, Dell Children’s Hospital.  The exclusive invitations will be handled differently next year.  You will get an invite if:  1)  You are a Life in Motion Photography client anytime in the 2010 calendar year 2)  You attended the event and donated this year or 3)  You participate by donating to the raffle.  The exclusive invitations will be sent out in August and spots will be on a first come, first serve basis.  It was a blast this year, you don’t want to miss it in 2010!**

wee wee | austin child photographer

my favorite field of fall wildflowers is back.  have i mentioned lately that i love where i live…this is just down the street from my house, i am such a lucky girl!  and doesn’t this seem like yesterday?  that was one year ago!!  but since T is on the mend, i coerced my second favorite girl in the whole wide world to go out for a few shots.  she’ll be 3 soon ya know.  can’t believe it.lily&jack_006web

she’s gonna hate me someday for the title of this post.  and i will say…..”BLAME TEAGAN”!!!


he loves him some lily wee-wee.

lily&jack_005web he asks about his “wee-wee” and his face lights up like the sun when he spots her.


and the other night, when she spotted him first, she let out a big “hhhhhhheeeeey buddy!”  so cute.


get this….Alli’s mom MADE THIS DRESS!  it is crazy gorgeous, i am just in love with it!  she made one similar for taryn ((((thank you again)))) and i just can’t wait to photograph T in it, just waiting for her to feel better.  both lil and t have tried it on to test it’s twirl ability and it passed with flying colors, very, very important test for these girls!

tomorrow – so excited!  2nd annual Life in Motion Photography costume party benefiting cancer research.  It’s gonna rock!!

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sweet jane | round rock child photographer


sweet jane totally stole my heart this morning.  like a big breath of fresh air, so bright, happy and curious.  i’m feeling very blessed to get to watch her grow over the next year.  jane is about to be a big sister and i’ll be capturing a year full of memories for her family, from the birth of their to new baby all the way to the first birthday.  and i simply can’t wait.

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captain awesome | austin child photographer

i love him.  he IS captain awesome.


uhm, is it just me or does he look really big all of a sudden?!  i fell in love with this sweatshirt the second I spotted it on the clearance rack.


and did you notice he went blonde?  it was weird, he got up one day a few weeks ago and Jase and I both looked at him, then each other and said, “what happened?!?!”  it literally happened overnight.


he is very, very busy these days.  I had to post the photo of the back of his head as it is a view we see quite a bit.  lil dude is always headed somewhere to get in to something.

this next one cracks me up.  we were heading home from our walk and he spotted his daddy.  i had no idea he was behind me and i love that i captured the look on teagan’s face the second he spotted him….


he loves him some daddy….


can’t say that I blame him.

see you tomorrow for 10 on tuesday.


captain awesome’s mom

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hey crazy lady, i don’t see anything in there | austin family photographer

I don’t know if I’m super tired from a crazy long week or what….but this totally gave me a case of the giggles tonight.  I had to come share.  One of the tricks we photographers use to get kids to look into the black box of torture is by telling them there is something interesting in there.  I’ve used everything from princesses to elmo to candy to airplanes to, well….whatever.  And it usually works at least once to get some good eye contact.  But every now and then I catch one of these “what the heck crazy lady, i don’t see nothin’ in there!” looks.  All you photographers out there know what I’m talking about, you get them too…..

These kids must think I’m totally off my rocker!  Thankfully, Ethan didn’t need any of my crazy lady tricks, he was a ham all in his own right….

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