i love him.  he IS captain awesome.


uhm, is it just me or does he look really big all of a sudden?!  i fell in love with this sweatshirt the second I spotted it on the clearance rack.


and did you notice he went blonde?  it was weird, he got up one day a few weeks ago and Jase and I both looked at him, then each other and said, “what happened?!?!”  it literally happened overnight.


he is very, very busy these days.  I had to post the photo of the back of his head as it is a view we see quite a bit.  lil dude is always headed somewhere to get in to something.

this next one cracks me up.  we were heading home from our walk and he spotted his daddy.  i had no idea he was behind me and i love that i captured the look on teagan’s face the second he spotted him….


he loves him some daddy….


can’t say that I blame him.

see you tomorrow for 10 on tuesday.


captain awesome’s mom