my favorite field of fall wildflowers is back.  have i mentioned lately that i love where i live…this is just down the street from my house, i am such a lucky girl!  and doesn’t this seem like yesterday?  that was one year ago!!  but since T is on the mend, i coerced my second favorite girl in the whole wide world to go out for a few shots.  she’ll be 3 soon ya know.  can’t believe it.lily&jack_006web

she’s gonna hate me someday for the title of this post.  and i will say…..”BLAME TEAGAN”!!!


he loves him some lily wee-wee.

lily&jack_005web he asks about his “wee-wee” and his face lights up like the sun when he spots her.


and the other night, when she spotted him first, she let out a big “hhhhhhheeeeey buddy!”  so cute.


get this….Alli’s mom MADE THIS DRESS!  it is crazy gorgeous, i am just in love with it!  she made one similar for taryn ((((thank you again)))) and i just can’t wait to photograph T in it, just waiting for her to feel better.  both lil and t have tried it on to test it’s twirl ability and it passed with flying colors, very, very important test for these girls!

tomorrow – so excited!  2nd annual Life in Motion Photography costume party benefiting cancer research.  It’s gonna rock!!