I’ve been so blessed since moving to Austin in getting to know so many other wonderful photographers.  I first met Sara through Michele and we all try and go out for a girls night out every few months.  It’s awesome to have people I can talk shop with, run things by and just go out and have a great time.  I cherish their friendship and they definitely help keep me sane!  Sara and I are swapping sessions this year so both of our families can have photos in time for Christmas, photogs need pics with us in them too!!  Rumor has it that it’s been ::: cough cough:::  2 years!!  :::cough cough::: since they had a family photo taken with all four of them in it.  That is not ok!! So this morning I met up with them in Round Rock and the family photo problem has been remedied!


Many more coming Sara!!  As for her two little cuties….well….I’ll give you two hints, one is a complete ham and one is filled with mischief.  Wonna take a guess as to which is which?  😉


hehe!  Next weekend Sara will take our family photos and I’m so excited.  I even bought a dress.  (((Stop laughing Mom!)))  She’s laughing because I haven’t worn a dress since Jase and I got married almost 5 years ago.  But when you chase kids at home and at work, a dress doesn’t make much sense.  I pretty much live in yoga pants or jeans and t-shirts so I am looking forward to being a girl again for a little while next weekend!  See you soon Sara, I hope you like your peek!