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2012-12-19T22:35:34-06:00December 19th, 2012|365, Jonah, My Family|

That sweet face up there is the image of a little boy who sleeps through the night.  He has been for awhile.  Once we no longer had to wake him to eat after he returned to his birth weight, he’d sleep in a 4 hour followed by a 6 hour stretch.  He’d get up once, maybe twice to eat and it usually hit just as Jase and I were getting ready to go to bed anyway.  It was a dream.  Between 6 and 7 weeks old he started sleeping straight through, between 10 and 11 hours straight.  Sounds like a dream come true right?  Yeah, the only problem is, he then […]

my view | leander baby photographer

2012-12-18T20:50:24-06:00December 18th, 2012|365, Jonah, My Family|

This is my view at dinner every night.  He used to sit in the rock-n-play between Jason and Teagan Jude while we all eat.  But now, he fusses until Jase picks him up and puts him right in this spot.  Nosy little guy wants to be up at the table to see what’s going on.  Can’t say I blame him really.  Our dinner table gets a little crazy and uhm….interesting….most nights.

Anyway, this is my dinner view every night.  That cute little face looking across at me while I eat my dinner always makes me smile.

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