Remember this?

I love the wordle site but wished I could print a great big one at full resolution for my house (we have it printed and it is gorgeous, but haven’t hung it up yet).  I am working on one for my friends nursery and I thought I’d come back and share the template.  So here is the deal….

  • Should work in all versions of photoshop, created in CS4.
  • Consists of an unflattened .psd file.  Each word is its own layer.
  • Sized big at 15×30 and 300 dpi, but you can easily resize it for printing purposes.  Leave the dpi at 300 though for best results.
  • Just change the words to your own.  You can also change the colors to match your home or studio (how cool would this be in a studio with photography words on it?!)
  • If you want to use this exact font, you’ll need to download it for free here.  If you don’t, photoshop will give you a quick error and then automatically replace it with a font already on your computer.
  • You cannot sell or share this template as your own, but you are more than welcome to link to this blog post if you think others would like to download this template as well.

Click here to download.  Enjoy!