1.  Tomorrow is Ty’s last day of elementary school ever.  Yesterday we went to his end of 5th grade award ceremony and it was bittersweet.  He got 5 awards including being voted as a “promise keeper” by his peers.  The little kids and I went and had lunch with him before the awards and I got to meet Ty’s girlfriend.  I was pleasantly surprised when she walked right up to the lunch table, put her hand out to shake mine and introduced herself.  She sat across from me and we chatted, super sweet kid.  I am still not ready for this phase to begin, but I like her more than I thought I would.  I certainly didn’t have that confidence, I was scared to death the first time I met my first boyfriends parents.  Like, want to crawl into my own skin or run away and hide, kind of scared.  I was 14, but I was also pretty shy.

2.  Ty’s birthday is this weekend.  I will have a TWELVE year old.  Huh.  Really?  Wow.  The last year before the word “teen” gets affixed to everything age related until he’s twenty.

3.  The little ones and I are heading out to buy lots of party stuff for this weekend.  Taryn’s mission is party hats.  I’m pretty sure Teagan is just in it for the cake.  Me, I’m just in denial about being old enough to have a twelve year old.

4.  Are y’all ready for a baby boom around here?  I’m on call for not one, not two, but three births right now.  We’re gonna have babies babies everywhere and I cannot wait!

5.  When we were at Ty’s school yesterday, we walked past the kindergartners and I was shocked to see that Taryn is taller than 90% of them.  There they were, carrying their little lunch trays, standing in a line, opening their own milks, doing the whole experienced kindergartner thing and they were all littler than my girl.  She’ll be there before we know it.  I think I’m just feeling exceptionally old this week.

6.  I’ve been getting a ton of proofing done this week too.  Love this one…

7.  and this one…

9.  gotta love this one too….

10.  Hey look, I made it to 10 and its not even Tuesday!