I thought several times about posting here today and just felt blah about it.  I hate that.  This is my place.  To document my life, my children, my work.  I don’t ever want to feel blah about that.  I am thankful for all the comments and support, I honestly didn’t have any idea how it would all go down putting it all out there.  So thank you.  Hopefully it will send a message, but overall, it makes me sad that I feel more protective and have the urge to pull in the reins some.  Yet here I am.  This blog is mine.  And if I want to post, I will.  If people don’t play nice, I’ll password protect it if necessary.  As for protecting the images here and on my blog, yes, I do know how.  Jase is a computer programmer and actually did an awesome tutorial for photographers on a private forum I’m on teaching how to protect your images online and right click disable.  Honestly, I’ve been lazy with it and didn’t implement it into my own workflow.  I need to read the tutorial again, but quite honestly, it wouldn’t have stopped most of the thieves in the incidents posted below.

In the meantime, I could really use a smile.  So here ya go, our ‘other’ baby….

Her signature head tilt.  Love her.  So much.  I loved her the moment I met her.  Most people do.  She and Jase were a package deal and I can still remember in those early days as we were becoming friends how when I would knock on his door, she’d come running and thrust her head under my hand and look up at me just waiting for me to love on her.  She’s suuuuuuuper camera shy.  I am not a pet photographer but Taryn and I set out to get some shots of her last weekend.  It took way too many treats, but we did it.  And I’m so glad, because even though she still acts like a puppy, she’s getting older, and I know she won’t be around forever.  I’ll share more of her soon, but I have a backlog of sessions to proof first.  And Taryn wants me to tell you, this is HER DOG.  Not Daddy’s dog, HER DOG.  Kylie loves Taryn right back, even though she is single handedly responsible for almost all of those grey little hairs.  Better you than me Kylie.