first day of summer vacation.  i survived.  barely.  just sat down.  11:17 pm.  got up running and didn’t stop.  splash park early.  fun friend friday.  sunscreen and laughs.  at least 50 baby kisses.  lunch with friends.  ty out of school early.  loud, giggly blonde divas.  playdate and playstation.  books and stories.  nursing and cuddling.  sunkissed babies.  editing, galleries, orders, albums, emails, facebook.  mohawks and dinner.  birthday photos and shopping.  ordering cake.  and balloons.  sleepovers and trip to six flags tomorrow with friends.  packing and dropping off and chatting.  bedtime stories and kisses goodnight.  prepping for sessions tomorrow and downloading and google mapping and emailing.  finally sitting.  summer, day one, success.

the aforementioned mohawk.  for a few hours today, jase and i weren’t lame.  that’s huge.

and mom….stop rolling your eyes, he likes it.  and at this moment, i’m not lame.  ha.

tomorrow, packed with sessions.  sunday, ty’s birthday, a party then fun with friends, the arcade, pizza.  can’t wait.