10 on Tuesday

2011-03-01T18:23:05-06:00March 1st, 2011|My Family|

1.  Did I mention I recently switched from Canon to Nikon.  Tis true and I LOVE it.  I’m not so good and change and I’m still fumbling around with the buttons and figuring out where things are, but I truly do love it.

2.  We cut off our home phone in the name of saving money.  We rarely used it and it seemed like every time it rang it was someone trying to sell us something.  Family, friends and clients, please use our cell numbers from here on out!

3.  We canceled our cable service yesterday too.  I honestly don’t think it will change our lives all that much.  I will miss the sweet 24 […]


2011-01-20T21:50:43-06:00January 20th, 2011|My Family|

1.  Imaging USA.  I had a blast hanging out with Erin Cobb, Marla Lamarie, Kelly Kuntz and Amy Shertzer.  And Ty got to go hang out with us for the day too, he did good and when we left he said “Mom, your friends are FUN!”  He may or may not have called Erin “sassy”  😉  Meeting them was absolutely the highlight of our trip.  I’ve “known” Erin since very early on, not too long after I picked up my first dslr actually.  So to finally meet after 5 years of online friendship was really awesome.  I also came home with a few new labs to try (I was lab shopping), a bunch of product ideas and the huge urge […]

self entertained

2010-12-08T23:17:54-06:00December 8th, 2010|My Family|

My eyes are crossing as I sit here and finish up editing a session tonight…but I have to come share this before I forget….

Teagan and I took off to Office Depot for a few office supplies this morning.  I decided to skip the cart and let him walk because he was acting fatigued, I wanted to get him moving.  We made our way through Office Depot and then stopped next door at Michaels.  Normally I would never face Michaels and a toddler on the loose sans cart, but he was being really good and while he stopped to look at and touch every.single.thing at his level, I couldn’t face the fit that would come with putting him in the cart.  […]

another chapter

2011-01-10T22:13:26-06:00November 8th, 2010|Funny Places Taryn Sleeps, My Family|

in my book of taryn’s funny sleep.  i swear some day i’m going to print a book of these.  i just need to wait until she stops giving me usable material.  like here, here, here and here.  and now here:

found her like this after Ty’s football game tonight.  she finished eating, grabbed her jammies and put them in the bathroom, curled up and she was out.  too tired to continue with our normal evening rituals.  duder wasn’t actually asleep, just snuggling his blankie.  as usual.


2010-10-22T23:33:29-05:00October 22nd, 2010|Austin Photographer, My Family|

I took these the week before Taryn started school.  I’m so, so glad that I did.  I was “this” close to putting them on the back burner but now I’m so happy we did this.  My girl had a really rough start to school and kindergarten, we totally didn’t even see it coming, it hit us like a brick wall.  She is now thriving and doing very well.  We couldn’t be more proud of her, all that she has learned, all that she has overcome in just a few short months.  It has been quite the adjustment but with the help of a good friend, we can now stop to look at the kid she was before, and the […]


2010-10-22T22:37:11-05:00October 22nd, 2010|My Family|

1.   My sweet husband turns 33 today.  Happy Birthday Jase!

2.  He got P90X for his birthday and I have a feeling we’re about to get our butts kicked.  Ty, Jason and I have all lost weight with all the changes at our house (me 29 lbs, Jase 25ish and Ty 30ish) and we want to run with it.

3.  The little kids are actually gaining weight.  I swear I did a happy dance right there in our pediatricians office.  Duder is still in the same clothes he was in last fall and has been between 26 and 28 lbs for well over a year.  We are thankful he didn’t loose much while being sick but for he and Taryn to actually […]

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