My eyes are crossing as I sit here and finish up editing a session tonight…but I have to come share this before I forget….

Teagan and I took off to Office Depot for a few office supplies this morning.  I decided to skip the cart and let him walk because he was acting fatigued, I wanted to get him moving.  We made our way through Office Depot and then stopped next door at Michaels.  Normally I would never face Michaels and a toddler on the loose sans cart, but he was being really good and while he stopped to look at and touch every.single.thing at his level, I couldn’t face the fit that would come with putting him in the cart.  About half way through the store he channeled his inner taryn and started to really be pokey.  I was ready to be done and head toward the checkout….5 more aisles to go….

Me:  Come on duder, keep up….

Teagan:  {{{{hunkering down to the bottom shelf}}}} Wow!!  Would you look at dis?!  (he said that about everything he saw but this time is was a foam gingerbread house….)

Me:  Oh wow, I see…. (I said that about everything he pointed out)

Teagan:  Momma!  I not talking to you!  I talking to mySELF….I say SELF, wow, would you look at dis SELF?!

Me:  Laughed all the way through checkout and out to the car….