1.  Did I mention I recently switched from Canon to Nikon.  Tis true and I LOVE it.  I’m not so good and change and I’m still fumbling around with the buttons and figuring out where things are, but I truly do love it.

2.  We cut off our home phone in the name of saving money.  We rarely used it and it seemed like every time it rang it was someone trying to sell us something.  Family, friends and clients, please use our cell numbers from here on out!

3.  We canceled our cable service yesterday too.  I honestly don’t think it will change our lives all that much.  I will miss the sweet 24 minutes of peace Mickey Mouse Clubhouse gave me each morning to take a shower in peace, and Ty will miss Idiot Abroad but other than that, because we got Netflix through the Wii, I don’t think we will miss it all that much.  Truly, we barely ever watch it.

4.  Wait.  Football.  Holy *&^%!!….Football….we can do this for a few months until football returns but then what?!  Just took my mini freakout to my husband and he assures me an antenna will be enough.  I’m not so sure….damn you Dave Ramsey!

5.  Taryn was home from school today with a mild low grade fever.  I have no clue why.  And while I don’t want her to be sick, I loved having her at home with me and the duder and I loved having another day to work in talk of food and allergies and changes cause man is this hard.

6.  I watched the movie Babies again today.  Taryn and Teagan watched it for the first time and loved it.  Although Taryn was very concerned about babies in the dirt eating things off the floor.  She may or may not have yelled the 10 second rule at the TV.

7.  She got that from her Daddy.  I know this because I have a 0 second rule.

8.  Do you believe genetically modified food should be labeled?  MSNBC is taking a poll and you can vote here.

9.  Do you struggle with skin tones?  I think we all have at some point.  Check out this free little tutorial:  Michelle Kane’s Definitive Guide to Great Skin Tones.

10.  Uhm, wait, is it really March?!  How did that happen??