I took these the week before Taryn started school.  I’m so, so glad that I did.  I was “this” close to putting them on the back burner but now I’m so happy we did this.  My girl had a really rough start to school and kindergarten, we totally didn’t even see it coming, it hit us like a brick wall.  She is now thriving and doing very well.  We couldn’t be more proud of her, all that she has learned, all that she has overcome in just a few short months.  It has been quite the adjustment but with the help of a good friend, we can now stop to look at the kid she was before, and the kid she is now, and see she’s grown up so much, she’s grown into herself, she’s tackled her fears, she is much more independent, she’s made friends and she adores her *amazing* teacher.  She’s starting to read, can now tie her shoes with ease, and she thinks outside the box more than I thought was possible for a 5 year old.  The first parent/teacher conference was a total blast, it was awesome to sit and chat with someone who appreciates Taryn and all that she is as much as we do.

Harry and the Lady Next Door is the first book she ever read words out of that weren’t sight words (as mentioned in this post).  I can still see that moment in my mind, her smile, her eyes lit up and the way she chuckled with glee reading her first word from sounding out the letters.  I am so proud of my girl.  And I miss her like crazy all day long….but I know she’s enjoying every second of school and learning.