Mini Session Giveaway!

Have a ton of photos of the kids?

Are you always behind the camera?

When was the last time you had a photo of just you and your honey?

Your wedding?  Been awhile huh?

It is one of the most valuable and important relationships in your life.

Your love, all the fun you have, should be captured.

Want a chance to win a mini session for just you and your sweetheart?!?!


Ok, here is the deal.  I have been mentoring an amazing group of ladies online for the last year as a part of The Birth Experience and we are planning a fun little get together in February.  I am so excited to meet these women in person.  I can’t wait to work together, play around Austin, talk shop and just hang out with them. I thought it would be a lot of fun to go out shooting at night as a group, cause, you know, birth photographers LOVE shooting in the dark!  For the photographer, these night sessions are creative, fun and off the charts technically challenging!  Which I love.  So, that is just what we’re going to do.

Now, we need a couple.


That’s where you come in.  Your job will be to hop around downtown Austin after dark, have fun, laugh, cuddle with your honey and basically pretend you’re on a really hot date.  You may have to listen to us talk a bit about boring old photography mumbo jumbo and a few technicalities, but I promise, you’ll have a blast.  The best part, you get to walk away with some amazing photos after a fun night out on the town! And hey guys, how fun would it be to surprise your wife/girlfriend with a fun session as a gift for Valentines Day?!

How to enter:

  • You must be available after 4 pm in downtown Austin, Texas on February 26, 2011.  You do not have to be an Austin resident, you just have to be willing to get yourself here on that date and time.
  • You can only enter for yourself, not someone else.  If you think someone else is perfect and deserving, forward them this link and they can enter!
  • All entries MUST be emailed to [email protected] before midnight on January 21, 2010 with the subject line of “giveaway”.
  • You must include the most fun photo you have of the two of you together.  Out of focus and blurry snapshots taken with monkey arms totally count.  If you don’t have a photo, take one.
  • Tell me WHY you are fun, happy, in love and deserving.  I want to hear a funny story or how he makes you laugh or about the funny way she dances.  Something that makes you smile.

The fine print:

Winner will be chosen and notified on January 22, 2010.  Sorry, no cash value.  Winners will be asked to sign a portrait agreement for Life in Motion and model releases for each photographer present for use in marketing, portfolio or as otherwise stated in the model releases.  The only guaranteed images the models will receive will be from Life in Motion Photography and normal mini session policies apply.  Mini session shall include a gallery of images that participants can choose 5 full resolution images to be included on a disk with print release.  Additional purchases can be made but are not required.  Email [email protected] for further mini details and policies.  The other photographers in attendance may present photos to you at their discretion.  One entry per person only.

Sorry, Austin photographers are not eligible to enter the giveaway.  However, we will be organizing a meet and greet that weekend and we’d love to have any local photographers join us for that!  If you’d like more info on the meet and greet please email me and I’ll forward you as details come together!

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the winners | austin couples photographer

I thought I’d come share a few photos that resulted from the fundraiser that Michele and I did to raise funds for Haiti.  These two lovebirds are clients of Michele’s who entered the giveaway to have a session with both of us in downtown Austin after dark.  They showed up ready to have some fun and I think we all had a blast, I know I did!!  I do hope that Michele will share some of hers too, cause, well, they rock!  I had so much fun shooting with her and I hope I get to do it again sometime soon.  And thank you to all those who donated and helped us raise $2400!

Thank you to my wonderful clients who allowed us to shoot in their uber cool cafe, bar & lounge, blu.

Last one shot in the dark baby!  Man I love these sessions.  Seriously, they push it to the edge to find light and there is just something so romantic about hanging out downtown after dark.  LOVE it!  Especially for young parents.  To do something just for the two of you….to embrace who you are right now, together, and capture it….for yourselves and for your children.  I want to do more!!  Any takers??

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friday | austin photographer

1.  SO glad friday is here.  This week was totally craptastic.  Truly, it was.  A broken vehicle remedied by trading it in.  A broken dishwasher remedied by a service call amounting to $125 for less than 15 minutes of service time.  One extremely onery 4 year old.  One 12 year old who is struggling in 3 classes and had one week (this week) to pull the grades up just under the wire.  We did it though.  And I do me ‘WE’.  One kid in urgent care for the better part of Sunday.  Same kid took a fall yesterday at the dino park and landed in the ER with a severed/sliced tongue (ouch!) and a big fat lip.

They decided it should heal on its own rather than put him under to put it back together.  We were happy to hear that, due to his tracheomalacia it’s always a risk to put him under anesthesia.  Duder was just pretty ticked off at the world yesterday.  Tired, in pain, bleeding, hungry.  They said it will bleed for a few days and heal in a few weeks.  Yesterday afternoon he sat on the couch and yelled at his binky for a good 10 minutes since he couldn’t use it.  He also opted to whack Ty in the head instead of the usual hug the moment he saw him.  It was difficult to eat, talk, just everything.  He’s doing better today, thankfully, yesterday was rough stuff.  He’s on some kick butt antibiotics to fend off infection.  Especially because his first instinct was to put his hand (covered in sand) in his mouth when he hurt it.  I had water with me and rinsed his mouth out right away, but we still need to watch him closely this week.  And thank you Libby for helping us get out of there and to the ER so quickly, I really appreciate it!

2.  All of those things combined we easily spent in excess of $25K this week (counting our new slackerwagon).  Uggggghhhh, talk about an expensive week!

3.  I absolutely LOVE this take on big families… true, so funny!

4.  I’ve been meaning to come share this for awhile.  New packaging for my birth clients including a custom image box filled with their sample prints and a custom disk case, both designed by the fabulous Tina Parker.  Forgive the cruddy photo, I’m not a product photographer, they are gorgeous in person!

5.  And LOOK!  My friend Tami is doing A GIVEAWAY!!  Go check it out!

Now I’m off to work on a few blog posts for this weekend, I need to pack up all my stuff for my newborn session in the morning, yet another round of Words With Friends and then SLEEP, glorious, SLEEP!

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winner | austin couples photographer

Congratulations to Amy F. and her hubby for winning the Helping Hearts romantic photo session with Michele and I! Can you believe that within a week’s time, this movement raised $1,200 for the American Red Cross to help with the recovery effort in Haiti? That is simply incredible.  To make your donations even more valuable, Michele and I have decided that we’re going to match them, so now $2,400 will have been given!

It amazes me that people can jump to action so quickly to help others in need.  But don’t stop giving just because this contest is over. These people will still need our help long after donation drives have ended. Thank you all again for your generosity and, Amy…we’ll see you soon!

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Giveaway Winners!! | Austin Photographer

Are you sitting down?  You’ll never guess how much we raised.  I’m still in shock over it all.  Shock.  No really, it’s amazing to me that just a few people can spend a little time on a weekend and do something GOOD.  It sure does make all my other weekends feel very unproductive.  Can you imagine what a difference place we would live in if people would just DO something.  Anything!  Use your talent, use your skill, use your time, just DO something.  It feels awesome.  I feel so good that so many people showed up for this event, gave with their hearts and that so many people entered this giveaway.  The number is big.  BIG.

Our grand total…with the Little Monsters Bash and the Mini Giveaway is……



I’m jump up and down excited over it!  Jump up and down with me please!!

This includes a VERY generous donation from a certain someone (not sure if you want me putting your name out there so I won’t) of $1,000, THANK YOU!  Thank you to everyone for the $10 donations to the $1,000 donation and every single person in between, THANK YOU!  Every dollar counts and I cannot wait to send everything off to MD Anderson in Jon’s name!  Speaking of Jon, here is a quick snap Ty took of Jon, MC and I at the fundraiser.


Now….you wonna know who won the mini right?

First, let me say this, everyone showed up in such a big way, I decided to do the same… I’m giving away not one, but TWO mini sessions.

And the winners are:

#56 Stephanie M

#19 Laura G

Ok, so MC says I need to explain how I did this so that everyone will know it’s all fair and square!  Each person who donated $10 was entered into the giveaway.  If you entered $20, you got two chances, $30, you got three, etc.  I went through the donations as they came in and added them to a spreadsheet assigning each person a number starting with one as I went.  So say Joe gives $20, Joe gets number one and number two on my spreadsheet.  Got it?  Good!  I then went to and told it to choose a randon number between those numbers assigned.  So there ya go!

Stephanie & Laura, please contact me using the blog contact form above so we can chat about details!  I can’t wait to work with you both!!

Again, thank you all for your generous donations!!!!  I hope these funds help another family kick cancer to the curb!

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