Are you sitting down?  You’ll never guess how much we raised.  I’m still in shock over it all.  Shock.  No really, it’s amazing to me that just a few people can spend a little time on a weekend and do something GOOD.  It sure does make all my other weekends feel very unproductive.  Can you imagine what a difference place we would live in if people would just DO something.  Anything!  Use your talent, use your skill, use your time, just DO something.  It feels awesome.  I feel so good that so many people showed up for this event, gave with their hearts and that so many people entered this giveaway.  The number is big.  BIG.

Our grand total…with the Little Monsters Bash and the Mini Giveaway is……



I’m jump up and down excited over it!  Jump up and down with me please!!

This includes a VERY generous donation from a certain someone (not sure if you want me putting your name out there so I won’t) of $1,000, THANK YOU!  Thank you to everyone for the $10 donations to the $1,000 donation and every single person in between, THANK YOU!  Every dollar counts and I cannot wait to send everything off to MD Anderson in Jon’s name!  Speaking of Jon, here is a quick snap Ty took of Jon, MC and I at the fundraiser.


Now….you wonna know who won the mini right?

First, let me say this, everyone showed up in such a big way, I decided to do the same… I’m giving away not one, but TWO mini sessions.

And the winners are:

#56 Stephanie M

#19 Laura G

Ok, so MC says I need to explain how I did this so that everyone will know it’s all fair and square!  Each person who donated $10 was entered into the giveaway.  If you entered $20, you got two chances, $30, you got three, etc.  I went through the donations as they came in and added them to a spreadsheet assigning each person a number starting with one as I went.  So say Joe gives $20, Joe gets number one and number two on my spreadsheet.  Got it?  Good!  I then went to and told it to choose a randon number between those numbers assigned.  So there ya go!

Stephanie & Laura, please contact me using the blog contact form above so we can chat about details!  I can’t wait to work with you both!!

Again, thank you all for your generous donations!!!!  I hope these funds help another family kick cancer to the curb!