I thought I’d come share a few photos that resulted from the fundraiser that Michele and I did to raise funds for Haiti.  These two lovebirds are clients of Michele’s who entered the giveaway to have a session with both of us in downtown Austin after dark.  They showed up ready to have some fun and I think we all had a blast, I know I did!!  I do hope that Michele will share some of hers too, cause, well, they rock!  I had so much fun shooting with her and I hope I get to do it again sometime soon.  And thank you to all those who donated and helped us raise $2400!

Thank you to my wonderful clients who allowed us to shoot in their uber cool cafe, bar & lounge, blu.

Last one shot in the dark baby!  Man I love these sessions.  Seriously, they push it to the edge to find light and there is just something so romantic about hanging out downtown after dark.  LOVE it!  Especially for young parents.  To do something just for the two of you….to embrace who you are right now, together, and capture it….for yourselves and for your children.  I want to do more!!  Any takers??