1.  SO glad friday is here.  This week was totally craptastic.  Truly, it was.  A broken vehicle remedied by trading it in.  A broken dishwasher remedied by a service call amounting to $125 for less than 15 minutes of service time.  One extremely onery 4 year old.  One 12 year old who is struggling in 3 classes and had one week (this week) to pull the grades up just under the wire.  We did it though.  And I do me ‘WE’.  One kid in urgent care for the better part of Sunday.  Same kid took a fall yesterday at the dino park and landed in the ER with a severed/sliced tongue (ouch!) and a big fat lip.

They decided it should heal on its own rather than put him under to put it back together.  We were happy to hear that, due to his tracheomalacia it’s always a risk to put him under anesthesia.  Duder was just pretty ticked off at the world yesterday.  Tired, in pain, bleeding, hungry.  They said it will bleed for a few days and heal in a few weeks.  Yesterday afternoon he sat on the couch and yelled at his binky for a good 10 minutes since he couldn’t use it.  He also opted to whack Ty in the head instead of the usual hug the moment he saw him.  It was difficult to eat, talk, just everything.  He’s doing better today, thankfully, yesterday was rough stuff.  He’s on some kick butt antibiotics to fend off infection.  Especially because his first instinct was to put his hand (covered in sand) in his mouth when he hurt it.  I had water with me and rinsed his mouth out right away, but we still need to watch him closely this week.  And thank you Libby for helping us get out of there and to the ER so quickly, I really appreciate it!

2.  All of those things combined we easily spent in excess of $25K this week (counting our new slackerwagon).  Uggggghhhh, talk about an expensive week!

3.  I absolutely LOVE this take on big families…..so true, so funny!

4.  I’ve been meaning to come share this for awhile.  New packaging for my birth clients including a custom image box filled with their sample prints and a custom disk case, both designed by the fabulous Tina Parker.  Forgive the cruddy photo, I’m not a product photographer, they are gorgeous in person!

5.  And LOOK!  My friend Tami is doing A GIVEAWAY!!  Go check it out!

Now I’m off to work on a few blog posts for this weekend, I need to pack up all my stuff for my newborn session in the morning, yet another round of Words With Friends and then SLEEP, glorious, SLEEP!