It’s big.

Jason has been talking about taking a trip to the Grand Canyon since we first met. It was really cool to see his dream come true today. This is one of the adventures he’s really been looking forward to and was high on his bucket list.

Keeping it real here. Our morning was filled with a bunch of different PTSD triggers. The weather was rough including 50 MPH wind gusts all day long (gosh that takes so much out of all of us). And Zachary only wanted to run everywhere and cried a lot of the day. Traveling with kids can throw some curve balls but I’m so thankful I have this guy at my side to field them all. On the plus side, Jonah did great! We wore him in the toddler Tula in all the places with dropoffs or no rails (this photo isn’t one, there is a large area of rock behind them). We totally could have done the stroller but we weren’t sure going in and decided to play it safe and wear both of the boys. Best decision ever! Thanks to everyone who gave us the advice to wear him, it saved our sanity on an otherwise challenging day.

It was grand.

Some day when the little kids are big we will all go rafting down the Colorado. Until then we will have to enjoy just this tiny little sliver of it…

Jonah really loved the Geology Museum. He got to get out of the Tula and take in the views.

Another Junior Ranger badge earned!