diy fun backyard dig zone for kids

After 7 years of living in our house and having our backyard be a boring empty slate….we’ve started a few projects in our backyard.  Ty decided he wanted in on it and build our first project, a backyard digger construction zone for the little kids.  He did an amazing job on it too!  You can see the before shot HERE.  This was a low cost DIY project, coming in at around $75 for the whole thing, including new digger trucks, the wood frame, pea gravel and stones!  And Ty did it all, start to finish, including purchasing all the materials (driving his new truck of course), picking out the trucks and the gravel, leveling the ground and building the frame.  The little kids LOVE it too!

build a backyard gravel dig space

I think I’m going to have a hard time getting them to come inside.  I’m pretty sure Ty wins the award for best big brother EVER.  Our new custom swing set is being built now and will be installed next week!  After that, we will be embracing the slope in our yard by installing an in ground hill slide.  More pics to come as we go!