Total accident! I try and take the kids out during Jason’s daily morning meetings so he can have some peace and quiet. Today we decided to drive up the mountain just a little to see if we could find some snow for the kids to play in. Our camp host said we’d need to go about 10 miles. So, off we went! We keep going up and up (I have altitude sickness and it was getting worse and worse). But the views were stunning so we kept going! Finally we see a bunch of cars on the top and decide to stop there too. Turns out it was the continental divide! We had no idea! Or that we were up to almost 12,000 feet! The kids climbed the stairs to reach the full 12k while Zachary and I stayed at 11,990 to enjoy the extra oxygen 😂 A little more adventure than we planned but it was a fun surprise!

Funny story: I almost lost our truck today. We found snow at the top of the pass and found a little area that was safe to park away from the twisty and mildly scary road. We unloaded and the kids started playing. All of a sudden I hear a weird noise, like scraping ice. Sure enough, I turn around to see our dually slowly sliding down the incline on ice backwards towards the road. I forgot to set the emergency brake (horrible habit)! I ran so fast in the snow and ice, threw the door open and pushed the brake as hard as I could. Thankfully it was moving slow enough it didn’t run over me and the brake stopped it. Several of the kids declared it’d be a bad idea to tell their dad. But I came clean and his face was like this for awhile after we got home: 😳

I love little guys who marvel at frozen lakes in June.

The first of many snowballs! Turns out we are expecting a snowstorm at our campground tonight. The forecast is calling for 4-8 inches between now and 8 am. I predict my kids will be up bright and early to go play! They have been so excited all day. Snow is a big deal to Texas kids! Last week we were battling 95 degree temps with one AC – this week it’s freezing and we are digging out winter clothes and space heaters. Snow day in June, so much fun!