We woke up to a beautiful snow day! This is such a treat for these Texas kids! Today was described as “The day free fun fell from the sky!” I am so thankful for this time with them.

Getting 6 people snow ready in a tiny space is a huge job! We knew the snow was coming so last night I assigned each kid a dining room chair and we set out their gear: warm clothes, scarves, hats, mittens, boots. One thing we do for snow is utilize rain gear. We bundle up underneath in warm clothes then add it on top. It keeps them dry and we don’t have to store bulky snow gear we only use a few times a year in our tiny space. Everything has to have multiple uses around here to earn its place in our space! Zachary is wearing his Tuffo Muddy Buddy and it’s worth every penny!

Jonah had the most fun today! He played so hard and didn’t stop until the very last little bit of snow had melted away. That Jonah is always living his best life!

Jude is the king of snowball fights! He’s a lean mean snowball building machine! Let’s just say there was a lot of testosterone flying around with all these competitive boys today. 🤪

We named our snowman Olaf! We’ve carried this snowman kit around for 2 plus years and 60k miles and we FINALLY got to use it today. Jason has made fun of me for keeping it more than once but I insisted. It was totally worth the space sacrifice for the fun memories made today!