Oh boy! This one gave me a run for my money today. He decided to run over and push the emergency button on top of Stone Mountain 😳  This included loud sirens, bells, flashing lights and a rushing emergency crew.  Y’all.  I cannot even.  Then later in the day, after many conversations about why we don’t push those buttons sans emergency, he pushed the emergency button in the elevator at the MLK Center. Yes, Jonah is living his best life.

ps: this photo looks a bit scary, but he’s totally safe. The top is expansive and fenced in. There is not a drop off directly behind him 😊

Stone Mountain was kind of moon like. My little adventurers loved it.

You can see over 60 miles out when on top of Stone Mountain.

I thought for sure that when I took him out of the stroller that he’d crawl around…nope, he just wanted to take in the view. (((This looks scary and dangerous but he’s totally safe. It’s a very wide fenced in space. I wasn’t freaked out at all up there, even with ppa and ptsd, but editing the pics made me nervous because of how it looks.)) Going to the top was a really cool experience, the kids are still talking about it!

It was a little windy!