Ty and Taryn are just two of my mom and step dad’s 11 grandchildren. We were lucky enough to have 9 of the 11 at the Easter egg hunt last weekend. I’m finally all caught up on client proofing and have a little bit of time to play with some pictures I took that day. I managed to sneak off with each grandchild for a few pics throughtout the day, because let’s face it, 9 kids, ages 9 down to 2, that perfect, everyone is looking and happy group photograph is pretty much a dream! So individual shots just have to do.

Have you ever seen such cuteness??


And a whole bunch more……


And even more……


How did I get 4 wiggly, anxious to get back to the party boys to smile?? I ask each one what their brothers would look like dancing around in a pink tutus =)