One last ride on the golf cart before we hit the road. We planned to park in her driveway for 2 weeks. Covid-19 said we needed to stay 10 weeks instead. I’m SO thankful we were with her when it hit. It was nice to have help while really sick and also adjusting to a new normal of Jason working full time. We had space to move and could spread out in her house. The boys spent hours riding around on her huge porch. Going to the house in the mornings helped the kids feel like they were going somewhere. We filled the days with games, crafts, movies, dog snuggling, an RV reno and a bunch of golf cart rides. My mom isn’t one to sit still during retirement and I while I know my crew is a lot of noise and chaos, I also know she’d have been so bored quarantined alone. Thanks for taking us in Mom ❤️ I’ll always cherish this time and memories made.