Two part post…..there’s been lots of misbehaving at our house =)

Our family LOVES practical jokes, no I mean, really LOVES them! Jason and I play them on Ty quite a bit and last year my mom helped us with an idea to get Jason really good on April Fool’s Day. We put a raisin inside the tip of his tube of toothpaste. Oh it was hilarious, it took him a minute of inspecting but he actually turned over the tube to check the ingredients! HAHAHA! This year you might have thought that I would give him a break since he wore the bunny costume, but Ty and I couldn’t resist. Yet another good idea from Gee-Gee, we removed his deodorant from the contained and replaced it with cream cheese!! I had a great picture of it and after hunting everywhere, I think it must have gotten deleted when I was formating for easter pics. Poor Ty, he missed the moment, he was off with my Mom. But let me just say that the sight of my cute husband standing in the doorway with cream cheese hanging out of his armpit is something I will always remember with a smile. No tangible photograph needed for me, it’s forever etched in my mind! I laughed so hard my stomach hurt. Thankfully, so did he 😉 We have big plans to get Ty really soon….it will be a video moment so I can share with the world. I can’t wait, it’s going to be fabulous!!

Ok, part two, totally unrelated. Mr. Huffy Pants has been in full force here lately. I don’t know what it is, the fresh spring air maybe? Whatever it is, it’s driving us crazy. Seems like there is constant stomping of the feet, huffing, bargaining to get what he wants and a constant (ridiculous) reason and excuse for not doing the things he is supposed to do. To the extreme.

Every mother has a breaking point right? Well, I reached mine on Sunday. It’s Ty’s job to do the dishes after dinner, put the food away and load the dishwasher. Ty was off playing in the house, I walked through the kitchen and see everything still sitting out. Some of the food was put away, dishes everywhere. So I call him in there and ask him what gives?

“I can’t load the dishwasher because the sink is full of dishes and I can’t rinse anything off first.”


Ok, so I take a deep breath and start helping him empty the sink, so he can rinse the dishes. While we work together we start talking about how ridiculous this reasoning is. I then asked him why he didn’t put the food away.

“Because the refrigerator is full.”

No deep breathe. I picked up the water wand from the kitchen sink and soaked him from head to toe. I couldn’t help it, I’d reached my breaking point after weeks of hearing cruddy excuses for not doing what we ask of him. I think he might have learned a tiny little lesson from in….he then had to do the dishes, put the food away, dry off and change his clothes AND clean up all the water from the kitchen and living room. Yes, I even chased him as he started to run away – those hoses just aren’t long enough.