Let me warn y’all right away that this post will include some pretty bad photography. But sometimes the moment calls for a snapshot from a mom, rather than a technically correct photograph by a photographer. It’s pretty safe to say these fall under snapshot =)

Ty’s on spring break this week and his best friend lives down the street. He came over to play this morning and I got talked into letting them go outside to play with water balloons. About 5 minutes into it I hear Taryn at the back door yelling “NO NO NO BOY”. I went to check on them……and this is what I found…..


You can see a complete slideshow with all the images by clicking here!

They had a total blast!! I wasn’t about to go outside to shoot it because I’d get soaked, especially after I had soaked Ty with the kitchen sink hose on Sunday. So every shot was through the french doors, I stayed nice and dry on the inside. Taryn was yelling at them, I think she thought Cade was hurting Ty so she kept fussing at them. And can you tell how much our dog wanted in on it??

What I love the most is that Ty looks happy, so happy. I miss that, he’s been having such a hard time this past year. I love how he’s having so much fun and has a huge smile on his face. These totally make me wish I was 9 years old again =)