I connected with this family right away, from the moment I walked in the door for their pre-birth consultation.  Their dynamic, the ages and relationships of their children, all felt so very familiar (minus the baby on the way of course).  Visiting them felt just like being at home!  Their sweet baby boy is a few months old now and I hear growing pretty quick!  He was born at the Austin Area Birthing Center.  I can honestly say that this one was tough for me to stand back and blend in.  They are a riot, I laughed and smiled so much during early labor. A whole lot of smiles and a whole lot of love. This labor and delivery was longer than her other 3 but she was such a trooper, so strong, so able and she really listened to her body.  Their amazing doula, Shelley Scotka, has been there for the birth of all 4 of their children.  What a huge blessing and amazing relationship they have with her.  If you are thinking of hiring a doula (and I highly recommend it for all birth settings!) she would be a great choice.

Thank you to the family for allowing me to share the birth of their son.  But most of all, thanks for letting me be there that day to capture it all.

The Birth of John…..