The crib is gone, no more baby bed. It’s one of those mommy moments that makes me tear up and smile, all at the same time. I miss my little baby, but my big girl is so much fun! She LOVES her new big girl bed and did great the first two nights. She cannot stand the fact that she now has a gate in her door at night now though. She starts sceaming as soon as she sees it, which makes for a pretty rude awakening for us first thing in the morning! Other than that, she loves it, seems like she’s always dragging at least one of us into her room to see it! Jason finished putting it together at 9:11 and by 9:13, she had figured out how to jump up and down on it! LOL!!


I have such an emotional attachment to her crib though. When Katrina hit, Taryn had never even slept a single night in her nursery. She was still so tiny and in a bassinette when the storm came. It made me crazy to know that we spent months preparing her nursery, making sure everything was perfect, anxiously awaiting her arrival, for it to just be gone, in an instant.

When it came time to put a new room together for her, it was a very emotional process for me. It was less painful to have the kids switch rooms, less pressure to put it all back the way it was. For some reason, I couldn’t make myself order her a new crib. It’s so silly but I belly ached over it for weeks. And when I finally did buy one, it had to be the exact same bed she’d had previously.

So its hard for me to take it down. Maybe its because I feel like we got robbed of that precious time with her. I know it’s silly, but I hate it that she spent her first 7 months in a pack-n-play, living with various relatives and then in a trailer in our front yard. She’s healthy and happy, that’s what is important. I know that, so please forgive the emotional mommy moment!

I thought I’d go hunt down a few old pics of her first nursery…..just to re-visit it a little.