Apr 21, 2007
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Meet Courtney – isn’t she gorgeous?!  Pretty and the sweetest girl you’ll ever meet.  My portfolio is seriously lacking teenagers so I was thrilled when I got the call to photograph Courtney.  It was truly an honor, as her parents are also in the photography business in Georgia.

I am loving this location too…..I used it once before with little Ethan and it’s just perfect for teens.  This time I shot at dusk so everything had a pretty golden glow to it, the weather was perfect!  It’s a gold mine, Tulane University, Loyola and the gorgeous church are right next door with Audubon Park and Zoo right across the street.  And of course St. Charles Avenue is filled with photo eye candy and architecture, but I’ve never gotten that far yet – LOL!






  • Wow, wow, wow!! Girl, you better get yourself ready for some calls from other seniors! =)

  • I agree! Get ready for some phone calls… these are AMAZING!!!! Wow!

  • beautiful photos. The location gives a great backdrop!!!! Noticed the new watermark…changing the business name?

  • Wow! She is gorgeous, and that location is PERFECT! I’m loving the second one! And, yeah…I agree with the PP that said to get ready for more teens! These are fantastic!

    I’m also LOVING your macros! Beautiful!