Here’s my Ty.  I still have an entire session with him I haven’t proofed yet, but I dug just one out today.  When Ty was born his tongue was attached to the very end.  Kevin and I made the decision to not have it clipped to try and avoid nursing problems with a brand new baby.  Well, it’s always bothered him, and about a month ago he tore it just a little.  Enough to hurt really bad and keep him from talking and eating.  We brought him to the doctor and he was put on some anti-biotics to fend off infection along with a local anesthetic.  We were referred to an ENT and finally got in to see him yesterday.  The decision was left up to Ty as to whether or not he wants to have it clipped and he decided that he does.  So, we scheduled the out patient surgery for June, after school gets out and after his birthday.  Because of his age, they have to put him under anesthesia, which makes me really, really nervous.  It’s gonna be pretty painful recovery wise but once he gets through it, it’s done.  He would run the risk of tearing it again without the surgery, so he figured may as well go ahead and get it over with.  Poor guy.  I think I’m dreading it more than he is.  Maybe that’s because the doctor told him he has to stick his tongue out 50 times a day as a type of physical therapy.  He loved that!  Great, now I can look forward to even less cooperation!  You guys should prepare yourselves for lots of nanny-nanny-boo-boo pictures come June!