No exaggeration!  Each image is 20×20 and the entire frame spans almost floor to ceiling.  Yes, when I tell my clients it is better to *go big* I can put my money where my mouth is 😉

This project has been a few years in the making.  We have this odd space in our foyer and it is the very first thing you see when you walk through our front door.  We really struggled with what we wanted to put there.  For a long time an art canvas hung there, it was art from Hawaii, where we got married.  But it just didn’t fill the space right.  I wanted something really *wow* and because there is just not that much of my work hung up around our house anymore, I really wanted it to say *a photographer lives here!!*  So Jase and I designed this frame, he built it, I filled it.  Well, I filled 3 of the spaces almost a year ago and two sat empty.  Sad, but true.  I finally got the last two holes filled and I love it!!  Of course, now we have Maggie who isn’t represented but I think that I’ll swap out the photo of Jase and I at the top (taken by my awesome photog friend Sara Lopez) and the one of Kylie and just do individual photos of Jase and I.  I think it will make more sense that way.  Until I can take new photos and order them (probably another year….) I absolutely love this.  It is exactly what I envisioned, Jason did a wonderful job.  Because we have little ones and rambunctious dogs with very active lab tails, we went with clear plexi to protect the images instead of glass.  It really sits front and center and in the middle of the house, the garage door is seen to the right, the bedrooms are off to the left of the foyer, the door to the left is the kitchen, the area to the right is the dining room leading to the living room….yeah, I’ll see it 50 times a day and smile.