Sigh….my *baby* is 14.  I’m so proud of the person he is.  And yes, for the record, he’s taller than I am.  And no, I don’t want to talk about it.  Oh, and let me introduce you to Shelby!  Shelby is Ty’s best girl and our family absolutely adores her.  She’s a delight to have around, loves the little kids and never fails to make Ty laugh, we love her!  I asked her to come along on the one photo shoot per year that I force Ty in to.  I knew she could help me get him to relax for the camera and make him laugh.  Worked like a charm, we all had a blast (while Ty normally only moderately tolerates his birthday session).  Thanks Shelby, you rock!  And Ty, happy birthday buddy, I love you!

I absolutely love the last image, it is SO SO Ty right now.  He makes this gesture all the time, when he laughs, when we embarrass him, alllll the time.  So him.  I love images that capture who someone really is, this is it.