It has been months since I’ve actually blogged a session and not just a sneak peek.  I’m so behind in blogging, I will catch up, I will!  I’m starting with this session from February.  When another photog chooses you to capture their family, its such an honor!  I personally love photographing kids when they are used to the camera!  Wendi came in to town for a weekend of fun for The Birth Experience get together I had for a few girls I mentor.  Fun was had by all and I’m so glad Wendi brought her fam with her and hired me to do a session with them.  You can read what Wendi wrote about their session here.  I have to mention that she was very kind to me, this was my first session after switching from Canon to Nikon and she didn’t laugh at me one single time for fumbling around and not knowing where all the buttons are 😉  Thanks Wendi!