I last saw them at Christmas and they are all just as adorable as ever (and all 3 look way taller too!).  They are seriously the most polite, well mannered and loving kids.  Did I mention beautiful too?

So happy to have caught that one.  As a momma of 3, I know how hard it is to catch all 3 in one photo annnnnd looking happy!  Score!!

I had a reeeealllly hard time picking photos for your sneak peek.  I know she looks all hip and girlie here, but the reality is she took a quick pause from digging in the pile of dirt in front of her to look up at me, ha!

love this….

Last shot of the day.  Believe it or not, this is the same field where a massive amount of bluebonnets once lived.  It just keeps giving and giving.

Thanks for making the long drive out you guys!  As always, it was a pleasure to hang out with you for awhile!

((I have a lot of thoughts and appreciation for the post below but I will come back and share them another time.  Just wanted to say thank you until then!))