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I finally got this done.  I created this in photoshop, easy peasy.  We ordered a mounted 15×30 that will go in our foyer and I cannot wait to get it in from the lab.  There will be major UPS stalking going on this week.  I just love how the kids names line up and how it says “today tomorrow always” because the inside of Jason’s wedding ring has this inscription.  Words rock.

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fun on friday | austin photographer

I sooooo want to print something like this big for my house.  I am going to do this.  Soon.  But I want to come up with a lot more words that fit us.  And I want it to be huge, not just big.  I’m a word junkie.

and here is one using key words for my business….

I think this would be so much fun for a kids room or play room too.  I will have something like this in our house soon!  If you’d like to do one of your own, click here to wordle!  TGIF!

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our new playroom | austin photographer

During the height of busy season Jase and I decided we needed to move my desk into our bedroom so we could both have work time behind closed doors.  Trying to get anything done with five people in the house and constant interuptions, just wasn’t very productive.  Our intention was to get through the busy season and then see what was working and what wasn’t and see if we needed or wanted to move it back.  The space was made to be a breakfast room, but we’ve never used it for that intended purpose.  It’s always been my office area and where we keep Taryn’s little white table for snacks, crafts, etc.  Here is the waaaaay before….

and then once we moved the desk, well, it just got bad.  one big, unorganized, mess…..

Yeah, I’ll go ahead and admit that it was normally worse than this, I cleaned it up a bit before taking this shot.  not really important but i thought I’d add I use the space where taryn’s table is to the right a TON to take pics of the kids.  The big window gives off great light and catchlights.

Anyway, after christmas we decided we wanted to turn this in to a playroom for the kids.  its the perfect space, next to the living room and kitchen, so i can always see what is going on in there, tons of light and i just loved the idea of having a designated space for all the toys taking over our house.  our initial thought was to have jason build a built in that could be used for storage and then double as a buffet when we have parties / entertain.  But after a long trip to IKEA, we decided on a few simple bookshelves that would give us a ton of storage and a simple buffet style type area.  We knew we wanted it to flow with the rest of the house because you can see this space from our foyer, kitchen, dining room, living room and you have to walk by it to get to the master bedroom, it has high visability.  My absolute favorite part about it, is that all the kids toys are contained, in addition to what was already in the space, we moved about 80% of their toys out of their rooms, I have storage for craft supplies, paper, etc. and we still have room left over.  That rocks.

I’m not 100% done yet, I still need to swap out the photos and hang the frames.  And I have some cute tags to attach to all the baskets to help the kids keep things organized….

The kids LIVE in this space now, they gravitate here, and at the end of the day when it’s time to pick up, they don’t even balk.  Parental heaven.

I love that teagan can crawl right up and get to his stuff.  The shelf at the tops houses craft stuff, jars filled with pompom’s, googlie eyes, crayons, baskets of paper, glue, kid scissors and a bunch of other stuff.  As the kids get older we love that it can grow with them.  It would be really easy to put a tv in the middle space and move the wii in there, add a few bean bags / cushions to the floor, etc.  The redo was very cost friendly, just a few shelves and some cheap baskets and bins from IKEA, a small rug from Lowes and that is about it.

Here is the new and improved area where taryn does her craft projects, eats a snack, etc.  We bought the large frame from an auction for super cheap and I removed the print, glass and backing.  I found a large cork board at container store and jase cut it to fit.  I then covered the cork in fabric (thanks nanann for the fabric store rec!) and voile!  a great place to showcase all that artwork and if we ever want to change it out, the fabric is easy to remove (I just stapled it to the back).  The finished product is around 40 in x 40 in and the cost was under $30.

I was worried about having tacks in the playroom, but I found these….they are flat so they are harder for little hands to get in and out, but I can easily do it.  Plus they are just darn cute.

All in all, we love the space.  It was hard for me to give up my office, but I’m more productive behind closed doors.  And I feel like we get the rest of our house back from toy overload by having them all in this space.

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theory proven: turkey makes you sleepy

This is how we found her this morning.  I guess she called for us by the gate and we didn’t hear her.  Probably all that sleep inducing turkey we scarfed down.  She was too tired to head back to her warm bed, so she just crashed with her head in the corner.  Silly girl.  Today I am thankful for so many things….funny little girls who falls asleep in crazy places.  For my husband who makes me smile, shares little secrets and drives me crazy.  For my son who is bright and smart and witty.  For my spunky daughter is who “most thankful for cupcakes”….can’t really blame her, can you?  I am thankful for pudgy little hands that reach up to me, sweet baby kisses and sleepy grins from our beautiful, healthy baby.

So, so many things to be thankful for….a wonderful dinner with wonderful friends, rockin blog readers who helped with turkey cooking (thank you!) and you know what the best part of today is….it’s Christmas time!!  Yahoo!  28 days and counting until I see my mom!!

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photo wall

So, so, so excited about this! Here are a few of the photos we ordered from our session with Michele. Right in our entryway, first thing you see when you walk through the front door. The Stradtners. All of us. Even me. That’s a big deal. To me it is.

Sorry for the cruddy pic, it was hard to get with the narrow entry and afternoon glare. Overall it consists of a 10×20, two 11×14’s, two 8×10’s and three 5×7’s. Guilty confession….I had all the frames in my secret frame stash (insert my husband snorting here – he’s annoyed by my frame collection addiction) except for one 5×7. Not to shabby! We ordered more prints for around the house and Ty loved his surprise 16×20 of him with his camera for his room!  Thanks again Michele, you rock!

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if anne marie had twins

Well, if Anne Marie had twins they would likely be in the same photograph, but I thought the title might make her spit water through her nose 😉

Each one is a 16×20 gallery wrap canvas, I ordered one for me to use as a sample and one for her. Pardon the bad product photography, they are so gorgeous in person!

And there is a little sneak peek of our new wall color (bye bye builder beige!). It’s a pretty minty green that sometimes looks a little blue as the light changes throughout the day. I love it!

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