So, so, so excited about this! Here are a few of the photos we ordered from our session with Michele. Right in our entryway, first thing you see when you walk through the front door. The Stradtners. All of us. Even me. That’s a big deal. To me it is.

Sorry for the cruddy pic, it was hard to get with the narrow entry and afternoon glare. Overall it consists of a 10×20, two 11×14’s, two 8×10’s and three 5×7’s. Guilty confession….I had all the frames in my secret frame stash (insert my husband snorting here – he’s annoyed by my frame collection addiction) except for one 5×7. Not to shabby! We ordered more prints for around the house and Ty loved his surprise 16×20 of him with his camera for his room!  Thanks again Michele, you rock!