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for sale

we are about to do some work on our house, new floors, painting and just finally trying to get rid of the cookie cutter feel to our house.  yeah, we've been here almost 2 years, it is time.  we have [...]

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progress | austin photographer

After my cry for help, we started to get to work around here.  First up, tackling my desk.  We bought some supplies, boxes, cubbies, dividers and a new bookcase to house everything from paper to portrait packaging supplies like ribbon, [...]

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cry for help

There is a beast in our house and it has been here as long as I can remember.  And I want it out.  Or contained.  Or tamed.  Something has to change and I'm desperate for help. It's ugly. It's paper.  [...]

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our words

I finally got this done.  I created this in photoshop, easy peasy.  We ordered a mounted 15x30 that will go in our foyer and I cannot wait to get it in from the lab.  There will be major UPS stalking [...]

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photo wall

So, so, so excited about this! Here are a few of the photos we ordered from our session with Michele. Right in our entryway, first thing you see when you walk through the front door. The Stradtners. All of us. [...]

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if anne marie had twins

Well, if Anne Marie had twins they would likely be in the same photograph, but I thought the title might make her spit water through her nose ;) Each one is a 16x20 gallery wrap canvas, I ordered one for [...]

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