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I’d say Taryn was the most anxious for Zachary to be born.  Several times a day she would come to me and talk to me about how wonderful it’d be to have a new squishy baby in the house again.  About his hands and feet and the top of head.  About how cute he’d be and how much she was looking forward to holding him.  She absolutely couldn’t wait to get her hands on him.  And then when she did, he was small and felt fragile and it made her nervous.  I noticed she wasn’t asking to hold him much in our first few days home.  Sure enough, she admitted she felt he was too fragile for her.  So we’ve been gently encouraging her to get more baby time on her terms to get comfortable with holding him.  She really loves him and it’s so beautiful to see.  I’d say he’s pretty fond of her too.

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Teagan Jude was born on February 10, 2008.  Ty was 10 years old.  Zachary John was born on February 12, 2017.  Jude is 9 years old.  Teagan came home from the hospital on February 15th that year, Zachary came home on February 14th this year.  These photos were taken almost exactly 9 years apart.  Jude looks just like Ty and Zachary looks just like Jude.

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