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I thought I’d come share a few photos that resulted from the fundraiser that Michele and I did to raise funds for Haiti.  These two lovebirds are clients of Michele’s who entered the giveaway to have a session with both of us in downtown Austin after dark.  They showed up ready to have some fun and I think we all had a blast, I know I did!!  I do hope that Michele will share some of hers too, cause, well, they rock!  I had so much fun shooting with her and I hope I get to do it again sometime soon.  And thank you to all those who donated and helped us raise $2400!

Thank you to my wonderful clients who allowed us to shoot in their uber cool cafe, bar & lounge, blu.

Last one shot in the dark baby!  Man I love these sessions.  Seriously, they push it to the edge to find light and there is just something so romantic about hanging out downtown after dark.  LOVE it!  Especially for young parents.  To do something just for the two of you….to embrace who you are right now, together, and capture it….for yourselves and for your children.  I want to do more!!  Any takers??

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dancin’ | austin couples photographer

I was so honored when Elizabeth booked a session with me before starting out on a new grand adventure.  I still can’t get over the fact that they have known one another since pre-k.  How amazing is that?!  Love it…..



I love that i was able to convince them to show me some of their dancin’ moves down on the bridge!  I was impressed!





Thanks again you two, Austin will miss you!!

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on the verge of a grand adventure | austin couples photographer

It is such an honor when another photographer hires me to photograph their family.  Elizabeth contacted me because she wanted some photos of her and her husband…..


These two met in preschool.  How crazy cool is that?!  I would love to have known my husband for almost my entire life.  They are such a nice couple with a fun, sweet love that just shines through.  They also happen to be right on the verge of a very grand adventure.  They are picking up and moving to Maine after having lived in Texas their entire lives.  And get this…..they have never even been to Maine….oh man, what a great time they are going to have, exploring a new place, young and in love.

Elizabeth & Eric, I wish you all the best with your big move!  Thank you for entrusting me to capture you and your love for one another tonight, it was an honor.

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aiden returns | slidell family photographer

Rounding out the Slidell mini sessions is my little buddy Aiden.  I’ve been photographing Aiden since he was a tiny little baby.  I don’t think I blogged his newborn session, I couldn’t find it, but here he is at 6 months and then his mini last year.  I was so thrilled when they booked a mini during my trip back to Louisiana.  Always animated, always cute, but I was not ready to have the tables turned on me right out of the gate!!  He’s pretty good too!!!

Uh, let me just go ahead and say this now so we can move on.  I LOVE HIS HAIR.  LOVE IT.

His parents ( just like these two ) have somehow managed to have multiple sessions with me over the years and dodged getting in a few.  I was on a mission this time though, and I think they might have had a hunch their gig was up.  I think the one on the left is getting filed under “one of my all time fave family portraits ever”.  Love it.

I mean seriously, if I was as gorgeous as these two, I’d want my photo taken all.the.time.  So stunning.

Did ya notice Aiden in that shot above?  Stinker!  But I can always count on him to mix it up a little bit….remember this one?

hehehe….sometimes the outtakes are my favorites but here is a real one….

One last shot.  He decided to swing while I chatted and caught up with his mom and dad.

“A” family, it was so great to see you, play with Aiden for awhile and see how much he’s grown!!  Hope you love your photos!

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Jodie | Austin Family Photographer Lyndsay Stradtner

I have been a working machine this weekend.  I finished all the Louisiana mini sessions (those shares are coming soon once I hear back from everyone regarding their galleries) AND I finished proofing Jodie’s family beach session.

I am feeling a bit of pressure to post something really interesting after her well worded and thoughtful post when she shared our images.  ((be sure to click on that link, not only will you see my family, but Jodie’s new kick butt blog too))  What should I talk about?  Cellulite?  Nah…..let’s just get this party started by sharing some photos and talk about how fan-flippin-tastic this family is.  They are real and honest and uh, yeah, did I mention, adorable.  Just look at them….

I love love love her face here….

I realize that I’m probably a total spaz, but I was soooooo excited about catching that little lone seagull.   Ah, I love it.  Hey, it’s the little things….

I know I already shared this one when we were still at the beach, but he’s cute, so here he is again.

There is something about this one that I love…

Pure monkey arms luck right there.  I was so sick during our time together, Jodie tried to give me an easy out early in the day, but I wasn’t about to miss it!  Even still, I didn’t do a lot of jumping around, crawling in the sand, etc.

I think I might have a little crush on him….

Yup, I do, here he is again.

I love the way he’s looking at his big sis here.

And last but not least….Love this one!  For a very short period of time Jodie’s kids were 3, 2 and 1 (read:  Jodie & Chris are uber busy).  She had these cute shirts made for them….

And I have to say thank you to Chris for this shot.  He took one for the team and threw himself into the sand belly flop style in the name of getting laughs out of all 3.  Chris, you rock.

Allen family, it was so wonderful to meet you all, I wish we would have had more time to visit and talk about life and photography and being parents of 3 crazy kiddos.  I hope you love your images as much as we love ours.  Thank you!!!

ETA:  If you want to see even more from their session, go here.

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bet you can’t guess who this is?! | austin family photographer

It’s the beautiful Maddie-Rose!  Her birth experience is one of the most viewed slideshows I’ve ever posted at over 7,700 hits.  (I knew it was a lot Noelle but had no idea is was that many until I checked when I got home!)  Can you even believe how big she is??  Just shy of 3 months, I can’t get over it!  We also got some great shots of the rest of the family.

Noelle & Brad, I know when Cash is grown and you guys think back to this time in your lives, his trains will stand out in your mind.  I just had to post this shot of him in your sneak peek, he’s so cute the way he loves them so much!  Thank you for having me over to photograph your beautiful family this morning, you made me feel right at home in the beautiful space you live and love in.  I can’t wait to show you more!

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