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I sat down to do her sneak peek last night and woke up at 3:24 am with my laptop on my lap.  Motherhood kicked my butt yesterday, nonstop.  So, I’m posting this a bit late, oops.  Sorry for the delay Angela, I hope her party yesterday afternoon was a total blast!

She’s exactly 366 days old in this photo.  1 year, big girl Allison!  So much fun yesterday and boy was she a trooper when we had a random cold morning in the middle of spring!

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These have long since been delivered to Becky, but I still wanted to come back and share a few more of sweet Camy and her peeps.  Becky is hands down the best nanny that I could ever ask for, she takes amazing care of our kids, they LOVE “a-becky days”.  Taryn gets giddy when she finds out Camy is coming over too.  She always says “I love her little face”.  I couldn’t agree more, cute, cute, cute….

I know there are times when my clients arrive at a location I’ve given them and they think “we must be in the wrong place….THIS can’t be it!?”  This was one of those locations but Becky and Andy trusted me.  It is an old run down skate ramp building, rough around the edges is putting it nicely.  This location was a prime, trust me and it’s going to be great, example 😉

Tee-Hee….this makes me laugh, she posed like this all on her own…funny girl!

These two had no intentions of being in the photos with the exception of a silhouette shot or two, but I forced, coerced, asked nice, did it anyway.  It’s not about what you are wearing….it’s about the love.  See….

And those silhouette shots worked out pretty well too….faves!

Beck, thanks for always being an amazing source of support, for loving my kids, for enjoying Taryn’s spirit and Teagan’s sweet side.  We love ya!  Hope you like your photos 🙂

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eat your heart out | austin baby photographer


Teagan’s best bud Jack is about to be on the move and ready to hang with the big kids (Taryn, Lily & Teagan)….it won’t be long now!  The chub, the blue eyes, the faux hawk.  Man I love that kid, he’s just so dreamy.  And doesn’t it seem like yesterday Teagan was all curled up on the heart rug, fresh out of the hospital?!

Also, I have a few spots open in time for Valentines Day, if you’re interested, drop me an email at [email protected]!

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Thank you for a wonderful 2009….

I live it.  My dream.  This year I have been incredibly blessed.  I’ve witnessed love, birth, tears, joy, loss, more hugs than I can count.  I’ve photographed families changing right before my eyes and lens.  I’ve seen families grow in numbers and families prepare for the loss of a loved one.  I’ve photographed families that fight cancer.  I’ve photographed survivors.  It is all the moments of life and each one is valuable.  I am lucky to have this gift in my life…..my amazing clients who let me in…..just for a little while.  Thank you to each and every one of you…..


I can’t wait to see all that 2010 has in store….

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a mini share & special offer | leander family photographer

Peeking my head out quickly from the mound of work surrounding me.  It’s crunch time.  I packaged up 7 orders last night, have another round going in to the lab today and hopefully a large delivery from the lab on my doorstep soon.  I’ll be working like a mad woman all day today and then I’ll take a few days off to sit around and be thankful for my family and all of our blessings.

I tried this year to stay on top of blogging all my holiday sessions, really, I did!  I’m really behind despite good intentions though.  I grabbed a quick little mini to come share….more of Miss Ava.  I love this mini session, the light was just so warm and yummy!


I meant to post this one in the momma post below yesterday and hit publish too soon.  Tiffany, you look gorgeous here!








Thanks Tiffany, David & Ava, it was so fun to see you guys again!

A quick note, I usually only offer mini sessions to established clients but for a limited time I am opening up TWO MORE MINI SESSION SPOTS to non-established clients in January.  If you’d like one, drop me an email at [email protected]!

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