Peeking my head out quickly from the mound of work surrounding me.  It’s crunch time.  I packaged up 7 orders last night, have another round going in to the lab today and hopefully a large delivery from the lab on my doorstep soon.  I’ll be working like a mad woman all day today and then I’ll take a few days off to sit around and be thankful for my family and all of our blessings.

I tried this year to stay on top of blogging all my holiday sessions, really, I did!  I’m really behind despite good intentions though.  I grabbed a quick little mini to come share….more of Miss Ava.  I love this mini session, the light was just so warm and yummy!


I meant to post this one in the momma post below yesterday and hit publish too soon.  Tiffany, you look gorgeous here!








Thanks Tiffany, David & Ava, it was so fun to see you guys again!

A quick note, I usually only offer mini sessions to established clients but for a limited time I am opening up TWO MORE MINI SESSION SPOTS to non-established clients in January.  If you’d like one, drop me an email at!