It’s been awhile since I’ve done this, a post dedicated to the (present) littlest member of our family.  Since I’ve given up scrapbooking and never got around to doing a baby book, it pretty much needs to be documented on the blog…so here goes.

She’s my fabulous mess.  She makes me laugh.  So, so much.  I was watching her and Jason nap this afternoon and and I laid there for at least 5 minutes, looking at her features, one by one, trying to find something, anything, that even remotely resembles me.  I came up with nothing.  She’s all Jase.  Part of me loves it, that they are so much alike.  Just watching them together, looking the same, like clones, giggling, laughing, just the way they love each other, it brings me so much joy.  They both sleep with their arms above their heads and they both get wrinkles near their eyes when they laugh too hard.  In so many ways, she is a daddy’s girl.  Ok, there is a little part of me that wonders….how can this be?  I was involved in bringing her into this world!  It’ll be interesting to see who baby #3 looks like.

So, a few things about this age.  I’ve heard that either the age of 2 OR the age of 3 is challenging.  Well, T chose 2, so let’s home that theory is true.  Many of our days are filled with drama without a moments notice.  You truly never know what you’re gonna get.  One minute a sweet and cuddly big blue eyed toddler loving you on your lap and the next, a crying, whining, frustrated ball of mess because something didn’t go her way.  It’s funny that the challenging things about having a two year old in your house, are also the things you love the most.  At least I find that to be true.  Maybe it’s because she’s the second child.  I have one older and know how quickly it goes, so I’m enjoying it a little more, trying to take it all in, this go around.  What I adore about her…

  • Her favorite color in the entire world is yellow (lello)
  • She’s the best jumper I’ve ever met.  She can jump across the house on both feet and does at least 10 times a day.
  • She has a deap love of reading, we could read her books all day and all night and she’d be so happy.  She loves it when ty reads to her, but doesn’t like the way he turns the pages.
  • “dat mine”  “dis taryns” or an evil scowl accompanied with a “MINE” reflects her constant need to retain possession of anything she sees fit.
  • Potty training stinks.  And I’m not sure who taught her to say “it’s a big one”, but when I find out, that person is in trouble.
  • Her favorite food at the moment is grapes.  Loves em.
  • She loves to make juice, and don’t you dare have the nerve to help her stir.  “Taryn do it!”
  • Says “mmm mmm mmm dat goooooood” when something strikes her fancy.
  • She loves putting things in the garbage can.  She’s always on litter patrol.  Don’t leave anything important sitting out unless you’re ok digging through the trash for it once you realize it’s missing.
  • Every night when she gets out of the bath, she throws her arms up in the air and yells “IT ICECREAM TIME!”.  Even if it’s not, you can’t blame the girl for trying 😉
  • Love love loves her crocs.  She can put them on herself and loves to decide when it’s time to go bye-bye by putting on her shoes.
  • Points to my belly and says “baby” but when she sees the pictures of babies in my pregnancy books, says it looks like a “turtle”.
  • She steals food off my nightstand every morning.  Jase gets me something first thing to help curb the nausea and Taryn has learned where the food goes and comes running.  I only let her eat the saltines on Jason’s side of the bed though 😉  Hey, if I have to throw up all day every day, it’s only fair, ya know?
  • She does the best Melman (giraffe from Madagascar) impression I’ve ever seen. “ow ow ow ow – ow ow”.
  • If she hears me sick with morning (uh, yeah, all day) sickness from another room, she’ll yell across the house “you ok mommy?”….”yeah I’m ok baby”….”ok!  just checkin!”
  • Has some kickin bedhead.
  • When you tell her it’s time to take a nap, she says “ok, but two hours mommy, two hours“.  Where did she get that?!
  • Loves tea parties at the table she got for her birthday.  Tea parties are even better with Ty and a small bowl of yellow “num nums” (aka M&M’s).
  • The other day I hollered across the house looking for her….”T, where are you?”  It had been quiet a little too long.  She says to me…”Mommy, I busy playin in Ty’s room”.  What is she 10?  Total conversation…..where is my baby?
  • She’s taken to putting herself in the corner.  She’s determined that some things just really are worth a timeout.  Several times I’m spotted her in the corner and then have the task of trying to figure out what she did!  LOL!

Now, the pictures below, I had to put her in timeout.  She was not happy.  She decided to run into the living room, WACK Ty in the head as hard as she could, turn around, shake her booty at him and then run off saying “nanny nanny boo boo”.  Nice huh?  When I caught up with her she was hiding behind her rocking chair in her room, well, she turned into limp noodle baby (as opposed to 2×4, stiff as a board baby – you just never know which you’re going to get in the middle of a tantrum).  So, off to timeout she went.  I’m so mean, I even took her picture.  😉


If you made it through this long post, you’re a saint!  Thanks for bearing with so I can relieve my mommy guilt over not documenting milestones as well as I should.  Feels good to put it out there 🙂