Aug 13, 2007
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She really is good at being 2.  Food on her face and all =)


Spent the weekend being totally useless.  Morning sickness feels neverending.  I feel unable to function, it’s so frustrating.  The seabands aren’t helping much.  Poor Jason, he’s been on constant daddy duty, house duty and taking care of that hormonal, green around the gills, lump on the couch that vaguely resembles his wife.

  • I’m guessing you’ve been inundated with morning sickness advice, but on the off chance that you haven’t heard of this one…I found little morning sickness candies that were made with ginger. I think I got them at a maternity clothing store. I also lived on gingerale. I’m sorry your not feeling good. That’s no fun! I hope you start to feel better soon!! Hugs!