Thank you all for your wonderful comments and emails about the post below!  So cool and totally made my day.  I love the last two, they make me smile.  The last one is so unexpected, it just gives me the giggles!  I’ve been in a self described rut lately.  Probably has something to do with my lack of enthusiasm about picking up my camera, this seemingly endless morning sickness and the fact that my computer is on the fritz again, making my proofing process 3x as long as it should be.  So all your comments really cheered me up, thank you!  Ty had a great day.  So thankful for that.  Me and Little T missed him like crazy.  She was attached to his hip once he got home.  Funny since the summer started with her being annoyed by his constant presence 😉

Annnnd…..a taaaaadaaaaaa moment…..a sneak peek…..


The new Life in Motion Photography website.  It’s a big work in progress that I work on a little at a time, but it is coming!  I promise!  And with it…my new format.  Details??  You say you want details??  Does it have anything to do with my big project with little Philip?  Hmmmm…

Ok, ok….

I’ve found over the last year that I get the same request over and over again.  "Will you photograph my kids like you do yours?"  Well, all these requests got me thinking.  So in addition to traditional sessions, I will also be offering a full line of "A Day In The Life" sessions.  Everything from a few hours to include an excursion to a full day, the whole schamoley, from rise and shine to bedtime with everything inbetween, snack time, reading stories and yup, even the tantrums.  There will also be themed sessions, take a trip to Grandma’s house, bakes cookies with the kiddos, go swimming, make mud pies in the backyard, take a trip to the icecream shop, and take me along!  Relaxed, fun, real life, your life.  It’s worth photographing.

And along with the new sessions available I will also be offering new products, including custom designed storybooks to tell the story of our day together.  I can’t tell you guys how excited about this I am.  I can’t wait to get it up and running!