I dug out Ty’s old point and shoot this morning because I have been wanting to catch this. She started doing this a few weeks ago, she totally cracks me up. I had to bribe her with a bottle of lotion to get it though, she loves putting lotion on in the morning.

I brought her in for a well visit yesterday and found out that she’s as tall as an average 2 year old. I knew she was tall like her daddy but jeesh! Both her physical skills and language skills are at a 2 1/2 year old level, uhm, wow! She’s saying lots of 3 and 4 word phrases and has a big vocabulary, which probably comes from being in a house of talkers. We also read a lot and talk about everything. Even if we’re just doing something boring like the dishes, we talk about what we’re doing, why, how, etc. She’s a little parrot. Yesterday when the doctor was examining her Taryn looked right at her and said “I want to go byebye”. LOL Guess she was done huh? And her physical skills being a year ahead of her age, this explains the constant climbing and why I’m flat exhausted after chasing her all day!