I’m scraping the bottom of my barrel, I had to go dig through my archives to find a few pictures to post. I still don’t have my laptop back. They said it would only take 2 days and it’s been a week. I’m about to go crazy and I think my husband is too having to share his with me. He gets his midterm exam today so I’ll be on even less while he works through it. Thought I’d post a few pictures of Taryn that I took a few weeks ago. Doing her two favorite things right now, playing with her pretend food and drawing. I swear she would sit and color all day if we let her. Thank goodness for Color Wonder, it’s saved our walls, couch, tv, clothing and so much more.

I’ve been making a true effort for the last month to really try and define my style of photography. I want to learn to fill the frame in different ways. I have to say that this has been more of a challenge with the new 5D as it has a full frame. I’ve been avoiding the backdrops with her since I got the 5D and I’m loving the more candid photographs, I want to really capture her as she is. Do you think these work? Sorry about the muddy black and white conversions, I don’t have my actions on Jason’s computer 🙁