How is that for a title to grab your attention ey?

Dialated eyes? Ty had an appointment with the eye doctor yesterday, seems his Rx changes every few months. They had a hard time getting good results so they had to dialate his eyes. I let him come home yesterday rather than dropping him off at school right away as his eyes were still pretty sensitive. He ended up being at home all day since they didn’t go back to normal as expected. As of this morning, they were still dialated but he seemed to be doing ok so off he went to school. A few hours later they were bothering him again so the school called me to go get him. Dr says they should be better by tomorrow at the latest, but man, it’s taking forever to go back to normal. I’ve had mine dialated plenty of times and never had issues like this. Poor guy.

FBI? Seriously, an agent knocked on our door today. He was investigating a neighbor that joined the Air Force and is up for some ultra sensitive govt job and doing a background check. I don’t know this particular neighbor that well, but man, there were a lot of questions. I was happy to report that I have never seen them fly a foreign flag or smelled pot when walking by their house LOL. Let’s just say that I hope this is the first and last time I am ever questioned by the FBI!!! The best part was that Ty answered the door because I was putting the baby down for her nap. I could still see Ty’s face because I was sitting on the couch, I’ve never seen his face so white or his eyes so big as he said “Moooommmm, the FBI is here for you (((insert loud gulp))).” hehehe

And finally the mini skirt. Jason actually bought her this outfit which surprises me a little (he painted her nails too). But then again, she is single AND fabulous!!




I’m single, fabulous and I’m coming to getcha!! LOL


Keeping her eye on Ty 🙂


And the silly face she makes at Ty every single day…..this totally cracks me up. She thinks this face is just hilarious. She’s right, it is. It’s her “nanny nanny boo boo” face.