Frederique challenged everyone to post their top 10 favorite images from 2006. I am posting a little late but still wanted to play! I don’t have a full year to choose from as I haven’t had my dslr that long, but it was still so hard to choose, I have had so many amazing clients this year!

My favorite of Taryn, one of the very first images I took with my new camera.


A gift of momentary cooperation from Ty.


Finally, after suffering with the learning curve on my new 85 mm, I started to “get it” with this photo.


It took me 3 sessions and around 400 exposures to get this, total and complete lack of cooperation. This photo represents so much, a celebration, when we needed one the most after Katrina. It also means the world to me that its the first of my work to get PUBLISHED!!! YAY!


Sweet Anna. I have seen a few other photographers take similiar shots and always wanted ro try this. All I needed was a tiny baby, a fab bookcase and willing parents 🙂


One of my first evening sessions, I am usually an early morning kinda girl. I struggled with light during this session and it really pushed me technically, which turned out to be a good thing 🙂


Here is the caption I originally posted with this photo…

It rained here today, the sky opened and then it fell. I decided to open the front door and let Taryn experience it right at the edge, on her own. She had a few oh’s and a few ah’s, with big eyes. She talked to it, put her hands out in it and winced when it would splash up on her face. It made me think about all the ways she will face the rain in her life and how innocent and new she still is. I’ve faced the rain a few times, the loss of loved ones and the rains of Katrina come to mind first. I think I’ll put this picture away somewhere safe. I may give it to Taryn when she faces a dark day to remind her that I love her and that storms in life give us character, can make us better, stronger people, because we weather them.


My first session with a baby boy…isn’t he perfect? Can you tell he was awake? Thankfully newborns blink slow!


Jayden is ablessing sent from God. Most of you probably know his adoption story because I have posted it here several times. It was an honor on so many levels to photograph this little miracle.


I am so proud of this one. I took a huge leap out of my normal comfort zone of photographing children and accepted a boudoir session. I am so glad that I did, I learned a lot and it was fun to be artistic in a different way.


That’s it, my 10, of course I have a lot more favorites but I stuck to 10. Feel free to post and tell me which image was your favorite, shown above or not, I would love to hear from you!!

I can’t wait to see what 2007 brings!