Dec 25, 2006
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I hope everyone has had a wonderful, joyous holiday! We did! Our day was filled with smiles, laughter, dancing, we stayed in our pj’s all day, played with toys, ate and played some more. It was perfect! Ty loves his new Shuffle iPod, a MegaZooka and Lego’s galore. Taryn adores everything she got, baby doll house, play kitchen, bouncin zebra and more belive it or not! Today was perfect, we were comfortable and happy!!! I’ll be posting more photos of our day soon but tonight I promised Ty my laptop to download music onto his iPod…

Ok, so all the grandparents have opened their gifts and I can finally post this! I ordered three of these ornaments and absolutely love them. My favorite photograph transferred to a tile. My mom liked hers so much she swears she’s not packing it up with her holiday decorations! LOL


  • The tile is absolutely beautiful. In addition, I also got a bracelet and necklace with photo tiles. Post a picture of those Lyndsay! I love my gifts – they were perfect! Watching Ty and Taryn open gifts was so much fun. I told Lynds and Jason to appreciate every moment – these Christmas times when their children are small are the best! My house sure was quiet and boring when I came home! I feel sorry for anyone who doesn’t get to spend Christmas morning with a child!

    Thank you Lyndsay!

  • Mom I’ll have to borrow your gifts back, I forgot to take pics before I wrapped them up!

  • I really love those photo tile ornaments. If you don’t mind my asking, where did you order them from? They look GREAT!!!! I can see why your mom would refuse to pack them away with the other Christmas ornaments. LOL